Martin's Skycam Stuff

Why does it work very slowly sometimes?
The camera system shares its internet feed with all of the other computers in my house - that means, if for example I am watching something on BBC i-Player, then it will have to compete for bandwidth with the BBC program. My internet feed also has 2 other 24x7 video feeds from 2 nestboxes in my garden to contend with! It may never be very fast!

Why is the thumnail picture sometime wrong?
Hmmm - not sure but it does sometimes happen. I supsect it is due to my duff PHP programing, but just at the moment, I can't see where the error is, sorry

Can I do some sorting of the raw files?
Yes. Use the contact Martin link at the top of this page to send a request, although I may not grant it for a week or two.

Can I get the avi file of a particular meteor?
Yes. Use the contact Martin link at the top of this page to send a request. I may even automate this type of request in the future or give a button to download the original file. I am just very aware that it will add to the load on my internet connection.

When it is rainy, there are LOADS of similar 'rubbish' clips!
Yes - this is a fact. The rain on the camera cover refracts the streetlights in a way that makes the camera record files. If I were you, I would not bother to check when it has been raining - just wait for me to delete the files!