Martin's Wanted and FOR SALE list

Focuser for Meade AR5
Broken Nikon equipment (digital bodies or any lenses)
Interesting stuff for my LX 90 OTA, Meade SN6 OTA or Meade AR5 OTA
Cheap small telescope for use as finder/guider
Nikon D7100 body - offers around 550gbp
Nikon D7000 body - offers around 350gbp
Nikon D5100 body - offers around 200gbp
Sigma 150-500 os at about 400gbp
Sigma 500mm f5 mirror lens - offers please
Nikon 18-200vr lens at about 200gbp
Nikon 17-55mm f2.8 lens at about 400gbp
Above List accurate as of May 2014
contact me about the above