Holiday to Villa Akis, Parga,Greece

September 2005

We chose another 'Simply Tavel' holiday but this time went to Parga, Greece, to Akis villa. This is one of 4 at Apolis Villas
We were MOST impressed at the quality and siting of all 4 of these villas. We DO intend to return. HIGHLY recommended!!
As with other holidays, I have divided the photos into several sections. The trip to Meteora was arranged by a local travel agent and included a stopover at Kastraki as it was quite some distance from Parga. There are a lot of good 'historical' sites within reasonable driving distance that we did not get to visit this time - we hope to cover them on a later visit. Photos are not in date order
Parga is a very nice town and the nearby village of Anthousa has a great atmosphere (not rowdy!).

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Bus trip to Meteora

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