So - you want me to cover your gig?

You should find all you need to know somewhere below.....
First, there are a few things you need to know about how I do my rock band photography...... I am NOT a professional photographer. I do not sell my photos and you can't pay me to book my attendance at any particular gig or event.

I do gig photography because I enjoy covering bands (of whatever genre) and I fit gig visits in and around the somewhat busy 'rest of my life' - this can mean I have to cancel at very short notice.
Sometimes I ask to cover a gig, but mostly, bands ask me and I do try my best to attend and cover the event to take photographs and quite often I do a couple of HD videos as well. Bands are free to use the photos as they wish , but I do ask that I am properly credited as the photographer by name and maybe by a link back to my WEBSITE - I put the videos on YOUTUBE
So, you've seen my stuff and you want me to cover you - what now?
Well the first thing you need to do is ask!
That doesn't mean just send a Facebook notice to me about the gig!
I get LOADS of those. You actually need to ASK.
To do that , either send me a message via FACEBOOK or you can use the form on my website HERE. Don't assume I am coming to a gig if you have not had some form of ACTUAL response from me to confirm my attendance

PLEASE bear in mind that it is not always possible to cover the first/every time you ask! I only get out to do gigs about once per week, sometimes less often, so I get 'booked up' quite quickly. Some bands get me the first time they ask, but it can often take a lot of requests. If I say no, please don't think I am not interested, just try again another time.
I do actually enjoy covering small, new bands, especially at The Box in Crewe, Sugarmill, The Rigger or The Underground

Now the MOST important bits - I put a lot of time and effort into covering gigs but please remember - I don't charge for the photos/videos - I DO NOT EXPECT TO PAY TO GET IN!
If you want me there - get me in either by ticket or wristband. If you want me to cover you at The Sugarmill, Hanley, please make sure I have access to the balcony.
I live in Stoke on Trent - please don't expect me to go to LONDON for free! I do travel a little bit away from the city, but NOT very far.
Finally, - I do prefer to cover events where there is more than 1 band present and I will cover ALL bands that are there if I can. I also prefer to cover gigs at venues where there is decent lighting - as such, I will ALWAYS give priority to bands who ask me to cover where both of the above conditions are met (i.e. single group,tiny pub,poor light OR your group and 3 others at The Box - I will most likely say yes to the gig at the Box).
Will I do studio shots or special editing on the photos and videos for you or can you get me to do prints? NO - If you want this sort of service get your money out and pay a professional.
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