My Bird Photos

I had been considering posting a few shots of birds for a while, but I didn't have many! When a Sparrowhawk dropped in next door, I finally decided that I really should try to get some photos of any birds, rare or common , and make a few web pages to show them. The links below will take you to the relevant bird photos, all taken by me, some in garden or park settings, some taken on holiday.

There are LOADS more bird photos in my Facebook albums and they are updated more often HERE

Click Here to check if the nestcam is live (2009 - nothing, 2008-Robin, 2007-Blackbird)
2010 and 2011 - update Mid September onwards Blue Tit sometimes roosting - check late afternoons/evenings (uses activex so may not work!).

Tawny Owl New May 2012 Goldcrest New Sept 2012
Marsh Harrier New June 11 Sandwich Tern New July 11
Sedge Warbler New June11 Avocet New June 11
Pied Flycatcher New Apr 11 Godwit New June 11
Whitethroat New Apr 11 Barn Owl New Mar 11
Short Eared Owl Updated Jan 2015 Waxwings Updated Nov 2012
Redstart New Sept 10 Golden Plover New Dec 09
Great crested Grebe New Jun 09 Pied Flycatcher New Sept 09
Puffin New Apr 09 Dipper New Apr 09
Razorbill New Apr 09 Curlew New Apr 09
Ringed Plover New Apr 09 Redshank New Apr 09
Sparrowhawk - updated Mar 11 Kingfisher - updated Sept 2012
Kestrel - updated July 08 Buzzard - updated Sept 10
Little Owl - updated June 2010 with video Long Eared Owl - updated May 09
Kentish Plover Yellowhammer - updated Mar 09
Goldfinch updated Apr 09 Sparrow
Bulbul Bats
Blue Tit updated Sept 10 Great Tit - updated Apr 08
Marsh Tit Long Tailed Tit - updated Mar 09
Red Kite Cuckoo
Nuthatch - updated Sept 09 Wren
Red Legged Partridge Serin
Jay Common Tree Creeper updated May 2010
Robin - Updated Apr 08 Bullfinch - new Apr 08
Heron - updated June 11 Chaffinch - new Apr 08
Blackbird Peregrine Falcon updated Apr 2013

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I don't class myself as an expert, so please feel free to correct me or add to my descriptions via the contact me form .
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